DAP Sarawak Election icon named "Ubah" crossover with Angry Birds...

The election will ended by tomorrow that 16th April 2011.Something i discovered that funny and very familiar for Apple and Android users.Angry Birds crossover with DAP Sarawak Election icon named "Ubah".

Angry birds had gone.But it's replace by "Ubah" in the screenshot above.I really admitted that the DAP teams really followed the latest youths topic and they're creative as well.

It's so funny and easier arrest the youths attention.However,i'm not voter for this Sarawak Election and can't commented about the election.

Sincerely,blessed Malaysia for a better future =D

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Important Update:DiGi April Super Reload Promo ended by 15 April 2011

DiGi April Super Reload Promo was extended until 30th April 2011 with some freebies had been changed.

But there's some shocking news that the promo will ended up on 15th April 2011.In other words,there's nothing to be rewarded if you reload physical coupons RM30 or RM50 two days later.

After ending the promo which mean DiGi might allowed their subscribers to enjoy talktime transfer RM15 and RM25 as usual.Beside,talktime transfer should recover up to RM30 per day and talktime request as well.

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10 most creative Apple iPad Self-Portraits



Apple iPhone4 coming soon for Celcom and Pre-Register now

Pre-Register for Apple iPhone 4 now available in Celcom.It's just too late for Celcom while DiGi and Maxis already launched it few months ago. 

However,there's nothing more about details about pricing and plans for Apple iPhone4.There's just Apple iPhone4 16GB and 32GB to submit.

For interested,please submit your personal details in here.

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RM15/RM25 of DiGi Talktime Transfer still not available dues to April DiGi Super Reload Promo

Talktime Transfer used to be one of the selling point for DiGi Prepaid.After DiGi Super Reload Promo extended until 30th April 2011,there's temporary disable of talktime transfer of RM15 and RM25 until further notice.

Only talktime transfer of RM3 and RM5 still available at the moment.Besides,each single account only allowed transferred RM10 monthly.

By the way,talktime request also can't performed which is appears in the menu.Hopefully talktime transfer will be available after April DiGi Super Reload Promo or further notice.

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DiGi introduces Facebook For All that DiGi Internet plan created for all people

No matter surfing Facebook a little or heavy Facebook user,there's a DiGi Internet plan created for all of you.With Facebook For All,using DiGi Internet with mobile device,tablet or laptop anytime at anywhere.

For Prepaid Internet or Postpaid Broadband just started from RM1 per day.Prepaid Internet more flexible that users will enjoy longer validity with higher denomination up to RM100.In other words,customers could choose amount of reloads for decided validity of usage.Meanwhile,DiGi Postpaid Broadband plans included Discovery Day,Discovery,Explore 10GB and Explore 16GB.

For DiGi Prepaid Internet Unlimited,there's only charged RM15 per week.Besides,DiGi prepaid alternative choose RM5 per day for unlimited access except DiGi Easy Prepaid.DiGi Easy Prepaid only charged RM3 for daily unlimited internet.
DG Smart Plan Lite just RM28 monthly and 300MB for monthly quota.Furthermore,Free internet unlimited if total billed usage was RM200 and above.

Prepaid BlackBerry only RM1 per day to logged in social network and keep connected with your buddyz.Of course it's unlimited as well.

Facebook SMS was the cheaper way to connected with friends.There's charged for RM1 per week and 10 cents per update with sms.It's quitesuitable for those youths.

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U-Mobile offers Free 100 minutes of talktime,30 sms and unlimited mobile internet just RM28 per month

U-Mobile shocking their subscribers with cheaper unlimited prepaid mobile internet.Just RM28 to get unlimited mobile internet for 30 days or in other words that less than RM1 per day.

For bonus,subscribers will rewarded by 100 minutes Free talktime and 30 sms.Any unused freebies of talktime and sms will carried foward to the next month.But maximum of freebies allowed to carried foward only 100 minutes talktime and 30 sms.Any call credit or SMS exceeds the limit which is 200 minutes and 60 sms will be forfeited.

There's no any contract and commitment for this promotion.Besides,it's hassle free auto renewal for subscribers if credit balance at least RM28 and a validity period of at least 30 days.

Please take note that the promotion not available for BlackBerry BIS service subscribers and U Broadband users.

Compare with other mobile internet plan,U-Mobile definitely the cheapest and afforable for the customers.I think if heavy mobile internet users should give it shot for keep your money spending in correct way.

For more information,please visit here.

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Extended until 30th April for DiGi Super Reload Promo but some little changes for freebies

As noticed previously that DiGi Super Reload Promo will ended on 31st March 2011.There's extended until 30th April 2011 and the promotion started from 6th April 2011 with some little changes for freebies. 

The Promo only applicable for physical coupons that RM30 and RM50.For subscribers who reload RM30 will get 10 minutes Free calls DiGi to DiGi,10 DiGi to DiGi mms,10 sms Facebook and 10MB mobile internet.

Meanwhile,customers who reloaded RM50 will rewarded 20 minutes Free calls between DiGi network,20 DiGi to DiGi mms,20 sms Facebook and 20 MB data for mobile internet.

There's maximum freebies for each single account that 200 minutes Free calls DiGi to DiGi,100 mms,100 sms Facebook and 500MB mobile internet.Besides,there's no expired for all the freebies.

I'm glad that the period of promo getting longer and no expired date for mobile internet.But,all the freebies deducted more than half.There's some little disappointed for loyalty subscribers that wishing for more benefits.

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New Xpax fighting back with as low as 28 cents for 10 minutes

After several promotion form Hotlink and DiGi Prepaid,Celcom introduces their New Xpax.Can't believe that the call rates was getting cheaper from the postpaid plan.


The call rates was definitely cheapest in the town what i can said.28 cents for every 10 minutes within same networks which mean 2.8 cents per minutes.Meanwhile,28 cents for every 10 minutes to other network which mean 5.6 cents per minutes.

Charges for sms within same network was 1 cent per sms and 5 cents per sms to other network.Mms charged 35 cents to all networks as the same for old Xpax.

The Family and Friends feature not available for the New Xpax.There's cancellation of special benefits that comes with old Xpax including Every Month Bonus,Birthday Bonus,Early Reload Bonus,Loyalty Bonus and Surprise Bonus.

New Xpax allowed customers switching plan between old Xpax,Blue,Sukses SOX and UOX.For XMid, XLite and XMax customers, if they wish to migrate out from The New Xpax,they are NOT allowed to migrate back to XMid, XLite and XMax.Therefore,they only allowed to migrate out to Xpax,Blue or Sukses. 

Apple iTunes now available in version 10.2.1 with iOS 4.3 support

Apple has updated its PC and Mac versions of the iTunes desktop all-in-one application for "i" Devices to version 10.2.1 and the major feature is iOS 4.3 compatibility.

Apple announced iOS 4.3 availability and roll-out for March 11 with the occasion of the iPad 2 keynote and the iTunes update is just a confirmation of things to come, as it adds Sync and Home Sharing support for iOS 4.3 powered devices. There's not much more to the update than that, according to the changelog, and even if iOS 4.3 wasn't released yesterday as rumored, you only have to wait two more days at max. 


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